About Me


With the most obvious introduction, my name is Jason Stewart. 

I am currently 18 years old, located in the Greater Toronto Area (this doesn't mean I'm limited to Ontario-only projects).

I've always loved design, media, and cars ever since I was about 10 years old. Using Adobe Photoshop doing crazy stuff for fun was one of my hobbies believe it or not, I've always spent my time behind a computer screen. As I grew up I've learned more, and started to take design and cars a lot more seriously. 

By the age 17 I bought my first car, a MK3 Volkswagen Jetta (laugh all you want but I found it pretty cool) and also started taking photography a lot more seriously as I’ve been practicing for around 2 years while I was still in high school. Ever since then, I’ve met a lot of new and amazingly nice people within the car scene, and I think that’s one of the things that keeps me so much more interested and motivated other than the cars alone.

Some people say passions, and love for certain things can wear off but I believe my love for cars and media will continue to grow stronger, and I also feel as if I will learn a lot in the coming years.

Although people do think I only shoot vehicles, that is not true (even though my portfolio is clearly filled with automotive content), but I love portraiture and landscapes (you can find these images in my Miscellaneous section) as well. I love trying my best to be creative with different types of photography, so I know that I am able to handle any task at hand.

For my last big piece of information, I feel as if I need to speak about my photography name. JaayQC/JQC was really just a name I had for my personal Instagram, then it transformed into my photography page. Let me break it down. My nickname is Jay, and I’m born in Montreal, Quebec. I pretty much put those together and got myself a name and I’m recognized by that name so I felt as if I should just stand by it, also because I lack creativity when it comes to names for these things.

It’s been such a short time since I’ve decided to make photography a job, but it definitely feels like so much time has gone by after so many great times, and I do look forward to whatever may come. It’s been a crazy ride so far.


Check out my Contact Page for any further information!